Artists – Kizomba, Urban Kiz & Bachata

Taxi Dancer Team

We are an international Taxi Dancers Team specialised in Kizomba, Urban Kiz and Bachata.

Our team is composed of both female and male dancers, of different dance backgrounds and countries, as well as different levels.

What is a taxi dancer?

A taxi dancer is a paid dance partner in a partner dance. Taxi dancers are hired to dance with their customers on a dance-by-dance basis. When taxi dancing first appeared in taxi-dance halls during the early 20th century in the United States, male patrons would typically buy dance tickets for a small sum each. When a patron presented a ticket to a chosen taxi dancer, she would dance with him for the length of a single song. The taxi dancers would earn a commission on every dance ticket earned. Though taxi dancing has for the most part disappeared in the United States, it is still practiced in some other countries.

(Source: Wikipedia)

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PackNDance Taxi Dancers Concept

1. Our team mission

Our objective is to dance in such a way that the partner doesn’t feel we do it because we are obligated but because we enjoy dancing with every partner of every level. This requires skill and talent.

Our taxi dancers priority is making their partner happy, feel comfortable and satisfied with the dance.

Our focus are the dancers that don’t get many dances, make them enjoy, greet them with a smile on the face, as well as be a gentleman/woman, kind and respectful.

2. How to become a PackNDance Taxi Dancer

Option 1: 
Complete the following FORM.


Option 2:
Send us a resume with the following information: your experience as a dancer(how many years), what dances, what dances in Kizomba (Semba, Kizomba, Urban Kiz, Tarraxinha & Tarraxa/o and which level each), which is your strongest asset: Kizomba, Semba, Urban Kiz, Tarraxinha & Tarraxa/o. Here create a CV in google forms where the taxi dancers only have to fill in the information.

Send a Video of you dancing Kizomba, Semba, Urban Kiz, Tarraxinha & Tarraxa/o. 

After the analysis of the videos and your CV you will be accepted (or denied) to our team and a level (level 1,2 o 3) assigned.

3. Taxi dancer responsibilities
  • When receiving a booking, buy your flight tickets(if necessary) when requested by the team leader or the organiser, or at least one month before the event.
  • Join our Facebook closed group.
  • Maintain contact with the team through our Facebook group or directly with the leaders.
  • No cancellations of bookings one month before the event without a credible reason. If you cancel without having a good reason, we reserve the right to expel you from our team, if decided so.
  • The team comes before individual private necessities. Be a team player and not an individualistic dancer. Humility is one of our most important assets.
  • Send us a picture.
  • Send us a small bio, CV of you as a dancer. Example: since when do you dance, what are your main skills, and something that describes you as a person.
  • Create at least two T-Shirts (or other) with our PackNDance Taxi Dancers Team logo. Ask the team leader to send you the logo. When you receive a booking during your taxi shift, you will have to wear it. Outside your shift, you can wear something else. If you decide to wear the T-Shirt after your shift you will still have to behave like a taxi dancer and dance accordingly, so if you don’t want to do that you have to take your T-Shirt off.
  • Buy a light bracelet and wear it during your shifts. €6 on Amazon. Here is the LINK.
4. Our team has 3 levels of taxi dancers


Level 1: inexperienced taxi dancer but with promising qualities. These taxi dancers can come to our training, will get all the information and can travel to level 1 festivals.

Level 2: experienced taxi dancers that have been working with us for over a year.

Level 3: the best dancers in our team, with many years of experience and some of them being even teachers.


Depending on the requirements of the organizer an event can be level 1, level 2, or level 3 grade.

Level 1: small events or festivals where they need dancers to balance the numbers.

Level 2: festivals with some reputation that need well-experienced dancers.

Level 3: festivals and congresses with high recommendations where only the best dancers get to come as a taxi dancer.


5. Taxi dancers assets
  • A good level in Kizomba, Urban Kiz, Semba or Bachata.
  • Dance with the partners for pleasure and not for necessity, regardless of the level the partners have.
  • Punctuality, support our team and the bookings in social media, good contact with the team leaders, and friendly attitude towards the teammates and other dancers.
  • Be a positive example for all the dancers that we are sharing the dance floor with.
  • Be a humble dancer and don’t act like a VIP even though some dancers might admire you in such away.
6. Taxi dancers benefits
  • Receive Full Pass, Food & Drinks and accommodation (housing). This can vary depending on each booking.

  • Receive the support of a big team and the possibility to grow.

  • Travel to many festivals all over the world.

  • Be part of an international team. Travel easier sharing costs with other members of our team.

  • Possibility to become a taxi dancer leader.

  • Join our training in different countries and at different festivals.

7. The PackNDance Taxi Dancers system for bookings

Step 1:

There is a contact between an organizer and our team for a booking. This contact can be made by an organizer over our email address, Facebook, or directly with one of our team members. IMPORTANT: all bookings requests have to be discussed with one of our team leaders. A taxi should not speak in the name of our team but should give this matter forward to a team leader. Only team leaders have the right to fix a booking for us, discuss the conditions and manage the details of a booking.

Step 2:
After the booking was confirmed, ALL TAXI DANCERS will be informed on our Facebook group of the festival date, conditions, and which levels of taxi are required through a post from one of our team leaders. Like this, all taxi dancers that are 100% sure they want to come to that event will comment in the post “IN”.

Step 3:
The leader in charge of that festival will send the organizer the names of the taxi dancers that are “IN”.

Step 4:
The organizer will confirm he wants those taxi dancers or not. All “IN” taxi dancers will be informed of the decision and the final conditions.

Step 5:
The leader will open a group chat on facebook named “Name of the festival & PackNDance Taxi Dancers” where he will include all the taxi dancers and the organizer or representative of that festival.

Step 6:
Before the event, all taxi dancers must answer the requests of the organizer regarding posting on social media, updating the banner picture, sending flight tickets, etc. The leader will make sure all this goes smoothly.

Step 7:
During the event, all taxi dancers will have to be at the briefing on time, and stick to the shift schedule.


  • If the taxi dancers have any questions, complaints or information, this will be communicated to our leader and in NO CASE to the organizers or staff directly. Only our leaders can talk to the organizer relevant things, complaints, suggestions, etc.

  • The leader will make sure that all our taxi dancers are correctly handled.

  • All taxi dancers have to remember our responsibilities and our team philosophy during the event and act accordingly.

  • All taxi dancers must have a T-Shirt with the PackNDance Logo. Our team will provide you the logo and all the data necessary to print your own T-Shirt when joining our team.

  • During a shift all taxi dancers have to dancer together as a group and not all over the dance floor. This rule can only change if the organiser wants something different.
8. Our team rules during the shifts
  • We will dance three, a maximum of four, dance with each dancer.
  • Our taxi dancers have forbidden to flirt with or make any of the dancers at the festival in any way uncomfortable.
  • During our shifts, we will only drink soft drinks.
  • Punctuality is very important for us.
  • Professionally, organization and good quality are our motto.
  • All the team members know we are an example for other dancers and will act accordingly.
  • Clean, fresh, and upstanding hygiene.
  • General: during socials and parties, we will do 2 hours shifts.
  • The communication is always clear and uncomplicated: the organizer or his representatives only has to communicate with the taxi dancers leader and not with all the taxi dancers. Type of communication: Taxi dancer ↔ Taxi Leader ↔ Organizer or his representatives

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